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New York , New York

I just finished the 30-days with the Facial Peel for the first time and am extremely happy with the way my skin looks - my pores are practically invisible, my skin is definitely smoother and softer. I almost wish the 30-days weren''t over!


The product is amazing. In two weeks, my face has become smoother and fairer complexion. My colleagues have noticed the changed. Thank you for the wonderful product.

Celeste Grone
Westerville , Ohio

In 2001, I was preparing for my wedding. I used Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel every day in the weeks before my wedding. My skin was never more perfect (I thought it was the wedding at the time but now I know better). I stopped using the Alpha-beta facial peel for a few years. My acne returned (and eventually, wrinkles). A couple of years ago, I started using it again. Naturally, acne disappeared and my pores are so much smaller. I find it works best if used every day, or at least 3 to 4 times a week. There is no other product that I have used with such great results. I have had acne all of my life. This is the only product that clears up acne, and also softens the fine lines and wrinkles.

Seattle , Washington

I have tried EVERTHING for melasma including professional peels, SPF 60 and a full course of Triluma and nothing produced significant results. I have used the Alpha Beta face peel for 2 months and it has cleared about 75% of my melasma. Now, I only need a very light foundation. I hope other melasma sufferers learn about this amazing product.

Boise , Idaho

I love this product so much!I tell all my friends about it as well.But my last box had 3 empty treatments.The product was in their but no cotton fabic,now i am wondering does this happen often?or did i just get a bad box?

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